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  1. Chris
    05/12/2019 @ 23:11

    I agree and disagree with a lot of the points raised here and elsewhere by fans. Yet, it seems that most criticisms of Battle Beast’s latest album comes from a short memory. Battle Beast has always had at least one soft/pop song on each one of their albums. The only exception was their self-titled album in 2013.

    ‘Savage and Saint’, off of the album Steel (2011), was a softer ballad.

    Unholy Savior (2015) not only had the softer ballad, ‘Angel Cry’, it also had one of their more poppier (if not, poppiest) songs, ‘Touch in the Night’.

    While Bringer of Pain (2017) was after Anton’s departure, the album still retained the band’s usual sound. The album had their usual softer ballad, ‘Far from Heaven’, and a poppish song, ‘Dancing with the Beast’. Arguably, ‘Familiar Hell’ has a poppy/dance sound to it as well.

    Even Battle Beast’s self-titled album, released in 2013, has a soft instrumental track. While ‘Golden Age’ may not be a ballad per se nor a pop sound, it is still a far cry from anything “heavy”.

    Anton’s new project, Beast in Black, retains much of the similar sounds of Battle Beast. Some tracks holding a dancy beat akin to an 80’s sound. I would argue the Beast in Black has more of a pop/dance sound than Battle Beast ever has. Or, at the very least, is on par with the No More Hollywood Endings album.

    Listen to the following songs by Beast in Black and see what I mean: ‘Sweet True Lies’, ‘Ocean Deep’, ‘Blind and Frozen’, ‘Ghost in the Rain’, ‘Crazy Mad Insane’, and ‘From Hell with Love’.

    Admittedly, hearing ‘Endless Summer’ was pretty jarring at first — especially when the only songs I was familiar with were ‘Let It Roar’ and ‘Into The Heart of Danger’. But it has certainly grown on me as I have come to appreciate it for what it is rather than what I would expect or want it to be.

    All bands go through their own evolution and changes. Sometimes they get tired of the same sound and try experimenting, other times the changes are natural. Fans can be fairly resistant and critical as many want the same sound that made them love the band in the first place.

    I’m not saying Battle Beast’s sound hasn’t changed, just that they haven’t changed as much as people say they have. And I don’t think Anton’s departure was the game changer as his new band, Beast in Black, sounds the same if not dancier.


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