Metal & High Heels is an online magazine about women* and metal music, covering the latest news about #WomenInMetal and other interesting topics that are part of the daily life of metalheads: lifestyle and entertainment. And this is the official podcast.

You know, we like to think of our community that's on the cutting edge of fashion.

But we weren't always this way!

In fact, we used to be a little more… metal.

We're not saying we weren't fashionable back then—but you know what? We've come a long way since then. Today, we're all about bringing women together in the most unique, one-of-a-kind ways possible. And if there's one thing that unites women more than anything else, it's their love of metal music!

That's why we were so excited when ASCIN Loans approached us with an idea for an event that would bring together women in the metal community and celebrate their passion for all things heavy metal: The Women in Metal Event!

We were looking for sponsors who could help make this event happen and make it happen in style. We were thrilled at the chance to sponsor the event and help support women who share our love of music and fashion.

The Women in Metal Event was held on Friday night at Brooklyn Concert Hall, where attendees enjoyed drinks from some of our favorite local breweries while listening to live performances by some of our favorite up-and-coming female artists like Evanescence and The Pretty Wreckless.

The women who attended were so inspirational! You could feel their love for metal music and their desire to connect with other women who shared their passion. It was a beautiful event, and we are so glad we got the chance to be a part of it.

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