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Would you like to be a guest writer on our magazine? Or would you like to be interviewed by our staff?

Metal & High Heels is open to publishing articles featuring guest writers, photographers, illustrators and other artists, in order to keep providing our readers with entertaining and informative stories.

We look for unique perspectives, personal opinions, respectfully honest, creative and funny stories – all related to the topics we normally cover on the magazine: rock and metal music, fashion, beauty, health, books, gaming, movies, series, technology. We want to laugh, cry and headbang while reading your piece.

We support women* and their rights and are furthermore an inclusive community, welcoming LGBTQIA+ individuals from all ethnicities and abilities.

We will not tolerate any kind of discrimination, bashing or bullying – this includes “slut-shaming”, “body-shaming”… well, shaming of any kind. Keep it positive!

If you think you have what it takes:

Send us an e-mail at guest[at] with

  • your ideas for one or more articles or finished drafts
  • writing samples or links to past publications
  • a short description and a picture of yourself