THE BIRTHDAY MASSACRE – “Under your spell”

Release: 2017-06-09
Label: Metropolis Records
Genre: Synth pop
Duration: 41:16

THE BIRTHDAY MASSACRE released an album via crowdfunding – and made enough money to record one and one-third of an album more.

The new THE BIRTHDAY MASSACRE-album: Synth-pop as we love it!

As one of the pledgers, I was allowed to listen to the album 8 days before the official release date. I knew the band has a lot of fans, but even I didn’t expect them to reach 233% of their crowdfunding campaign’s goal. But first things first: “Under Your Spell” is worth every single percentage point.

Musically, there are no surprises – THE BIRTHDAY MASSACRE sound as usual and even look like they usually do. In our interview with THE BIRTHDAY MASSACRE at Female Metal Event 2016, Rainbow told us the reason: the band members are already dead. Also lyrically we get that we expect, ordered and served – there you are, 12 new songs full of dark tunes, spooky lyrics, heavy riffs and fluffy keyboards.

Only the brave will listen to “Under Your Spell” after dark.

The Canadians are masters of spooky music and “Under Your Spell” isn’t an exception. After light passes, the music turns into even darker and heavier tunes. Just listen to ‘All Of Nothing’ and you’ll know what I mean. And like on previous albums, THE BIRTHDAY MASSACRE manage to make no song sound like the other but still fit perfectly together.

‘No Tomorrow’ is kind of a follow-up to one of the band’s classics ‘Blue’, with Chibi almost growling. ‘Counterpane’ rocks your ass off and then changes into a completly new sound, like my alltime favorite ‘Red Star’. And even the lightest songs like ‘The Lowest Low’ and ‘One’ leave goosebumps on your skin, because of their melancholic undertone.

This music’s ready to enter the clubs!

Of course, “Under Your Spell” is danceable! Even my non-metal/non-gothic friends like THE BIRTHDAY MASSACRE. Their music finds its way into every party playlist and many songs of this new album will do that, too. With ‘Endless’, the band shows why they have been successful for so long. You won’t get the tune out of your head for days, I promise!

But also when you listen to the album all by yourself, you can let go of everything and just dive into the music, see where it leads you and keep emotions going. Because the lyrics are, again, touching – THE BIRTHDAY MASSACRE tell stories, everyone can identify with. Chibi adds so many feelings to the vocals, making every single song special and touching.

So as I said: This album keeps every fan under the spell of the band. They took the time necessary  to create an amazing piece of art and I’m so happy there are finally new songs from one of the bands I’ve been listening to for very long and will continue to listen to for an even longer time, assuming they keep releasing albums like this one.

THE BIRTHDAY MASSACRE – “Under your spell” Tracklist:

  1. One
  2. Under Your Spell
  3. All Of Nothing
  4. Without You
  5. Counterpane
  6. Unkind
  7. Games
  8. Hex
  9. No Tomorrow
  10. The Lowest Low
  11. Endless

Did you contribute for THE BIRTHDAY MASSACRE‘s new album? What do you think about crowdfunding in general? Let us know in the comments!