JINJER – “King Of Everything”

Release: 2016-07-29
Label: Napalm Records
Genre: Metalcore
Duration: 43:27

The three guys around frontwoman Tatiana Shmailyuks know how to use their instruments as well as vocalist Tatiana knows how to use her voice. Clear, shouts, grows: everything is possible. The only problem JINJER has is that they don’t know where to go with their music.

It could have been an exciting mix of different genres

… but the result is an indecisive mud which leads into ordinary metalcore.

This sounds worse than it is actually. “King Of Everything” has some highlights like ‘I Speak Astronomy’. This songmetal-and-highheels shows how much JINJER can do – hard in the beginning, then progressive, ending up melodious. It takes more than one listening to this complex song to keep it in one’s head. The fast changes of rhythm, emotions, and melodies mark the song as one of the outstanding ones by JINJER. Shortly before the end, there is also ‘Pisces’ which can elate the listener. Similar to ‘I Speak Astronomy’, it’s slower, more varied and progressive than the other songs.

The Intro and Outro (‘Prologue’ and ‘Beggars Dance’) of the album are little musical treats. The groovy, jazzy sound is fun and goes right to your feet! But, now the big question is:

WHY do JINJER put such frame around their work?

Almost everything in between is good, but ordinary Metalcore. ‘Just Another’ and ‘Words Of Wisdom’ can win a core-oriented listener over, but if they want to combine Core, Djent, Metal, and Jazz, they sadly didn’t succeed. “King Of Everything” is a fast, hard punch into your face. Technically, it plays a high level but for the next album: JINJER, please decide what you want to make and create your own special sound!

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JINJER “King Of Everything” – Tracklist:

01. Prologue
02. Captain Clock
03. Words Of Wisdom
04. Just Another
05. I Speak Astronomy
06. Sit Stay Roll Over
07. Under The Dome
08. Dip A Sail
09. Pisces
10. Beggar’s Dance


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