IGNEA – “Signs Of Faith”

Release: 2017-02-16
Label: self produced
Genre: Oriental Metal
Duration: 48:28

Wow, they just did everything right! IGNEA released their first full-length album a few weeks ago. Their EP “Sputnik” was already promising and with “Signs Of Faith” IGNEA kept the promise to create a great piece of music! The young band from the Ukraine plays Oriental Metal. Traditional instruments are mixed up with metal riffs, both clear and harsh vocals and garnished with mystical lyrics dealing with middle eastern topics. Although they are not the first band with this idea (check out ORPHANED LAND)…

IGNEA might become a famous act of this genre!

With their complex but also catchy sound and creative ideas IGNEA establish an alternative metal tone that overbids the jingle-jangle of most other young bands, who have tried out this kind of genre. Maybe because of the authentic tune of an orchestra, the hard drums, impulsive guitars or the mature voice of front woman Helle: ‘Signs Of Faith’ is a promising Kick-Off.

‘Şeytanu Akbar’ is one of the strongest songs on the album. The critical song provokes already with its title, meaning “Satan is greatest”. The released lyric video explains the meaning in detail: It’s not about Black Metal but anti-terrorism. The Islam is a religion of peace. Terrorists give a fuck about that. The Salvador-Dali-styled video connects music and message in a convenient way.

One of the most oriental songs is definitely ‘Petrichor’. The authentic sound of the bouzouki is the effort of Yossi Sassi, known as ORPHANED LAND ex-guitar player and singer. He left his mark on this song. Together with Helle‘s traditional singing style you feel set back into a ‘One Thousand and One Nights’-like fairy-tale. Well, it’s a dark fairy-tale. The balance of heavy metal and oriental sound works perfectly on this track!

‘Alga’ and ‘How I Hate The Night’ are symphonic bombast par excellence. The fist one captivates with a long orchestra intro. After almost two minutes the metal sound begins and can persuade the listener with slow rhythm and pushing riffs. ‘How I Hate The Night’ is a symphonic lullaby. Only two stanzas and a beautiful melody flatter the ears.

A special highlight is the ULTRA SHERIFF cover ‘Leviathan’. Originally an electronic song, I wondered why and how they covered it, how it should fit into a symphonic-dominated album. Well, IGNEA just did it and rocked it! Of course, it breaks ranks but in a good way. Mystical and strong as the marine monster Leviathan is, so are the drums and keys.

IGNEA has huge potential to become a famous representative of the Oriental Metal genre.

They captive with rational lyrics, high production quality and mature sound. Not only the music, but the whole band concept seems to be quite strong. The artistic, creative aspects (lyric video in a surrealistic art-style, check it out below) as well as the organization. I mean, how many bands work together with a full orchestra for the fist full-length release? The fact that IGNEA do everything on their own without a label in the background deserves respect for the hard work and amazing result!

IGNEA – “Signs Of Faith” Tracklist:

  1. Şeytanu Akbar
  2. Alexandria
  3. Petrichor
  4. Theatre of Denial
  5. Jahi
  6. Halves Rupture
  7. Last Chosen by You
  8. Alga
  9. How I Hate the Night
  10. Leviathan (Ultra Sheriff cover)
  11. Sputnik (Xes Dreams Version)

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