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  1. USA David
    06/01/2020 @ 20:18

    Looking for Ayreon videos led me to the Live in the Real World CD video on YouTube in 2013, which started my ongoing penchant for Symphonic/Female-Fronted Metal. Having Marcela relegated to backing vocals in The Gentle Storm was a severe under-use of a truly magnificent vocalist (I enjoy Anneke’s singing, but she’s not in the same league IMHO). I wish Marcela success in her solo work, but certainly miss hearing her in a hard-rock band. Thanks for the podcast, and bringing back fond memories of how it began for me!


    • Kiki G.
      07/01/2020 @ 15:40

      Hey David!
      Wow, you really are binge-listening thank you!

      Both Anneke and Marcela are incredible singers and deserve spotlights of their own, but their duets are beautiful as well.
      I also miss seeing Marcela rock a heavy project of her own and hope that will happen soon.

      Thank you for listening and stay tuned for upcoming episodes!


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