Kiki G.

Kiki G.: Ecuadorian, Singer, Rock Journalist, freelance Online-Marketer, cat servant, gamer's apprentice. @kikigege87 for personal opinions and stuff.


  1. David
    01/10/2020 @ 2:47

    So great being able to continue hearing you all in another delightful episode. Not sure if the word you wanted was ‘maritime’ or ‘nautical’, but you all speak such wonderful and charming English, it is a reminder of how lucky I feel to be able to listen to the show. All these magnificent bands, so much of their work written in English, I am so impressed, and grateful for the brilliance of these young artists.


    • Kiki G.
      01/10/2020 @ 11:36

      Hey David!
      Lovely to hear from you again.
      The skills and talent of these musicians are indeed impressive. Have you listened to the latest episode? We have some newcomers in there 😉

      Thanks for your loyal listening and your feedback!


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