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Kiki G.: Ecuadorian, Singer, Rock Journalist, freelance Online-Marketer, cat servant, gamer's apprentice. @kikigege87 for personal opinions and stuff.


  1. David
    14/03/2021 @ 3:21

    Hi Kiki and Steffi
    Thanks for another fun show and interview – you two are so adorable .. children’s choirs are totally creepy! LMAO! Agree with most of your opinions regarding Omega, I was perhaps not expecting them to be able to match Holographic Principle, an absolute masterpiece. Similarly, other major releases from the period established high standards which would have been difficult to top: Xandria – Sacrificium, Nightwish – EFMB, and Delain – Moonbathers, all massive achievements. It’s difficult to get numbers for international record sales, so I wonder if/how that success or failure may influence artists. Great to be able to hear you as always, apologies for the U.S. being quite a mess and not the global leader it should be.


    • Kiki G.
      15/03/2021 @ 13:59

      Hey David!!

      Thank you so much for your feedback, good to hear you agree with some of our opinions 🙂

      I honestly hope that the degree of success does NOT influence these artists’ songwriting and styles. They have the right to keep doing what they want and what they’re good at, but then we as listeners and fans also have the right to listen to what we like. 😉

      Thanks for listening to us and stay safe and healthy!


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