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Kiki G.: Ecuadorian, Singer, Rock Journalist, freelance Online-Marketer, cat servant, gamer's apprentice. @kikigege87 for personal opinions and stuff.


  1. USADavid
    23/01/2020 @ 7:16

    Thank you so much Pia, for sharing this most personal event, and to all of you for allowing us to feel as though we have a closer connection than merely entertainer-to-listener. When you started to choke up a bit Pia, though not especially sentimental I (coincidentally) did get a bit of dust in my eyes! As someone who surely has more days behind than ahead, I have come to understand that the fragility of life makes it all the more precious, all the more to be cherished. Here in Oregon we have a (conditional) physician assisted end of life choice, hopefully the beginning of more widespread options. Again, gratitude for your bravery in addressing this poignant topic.


    • Pia S.
      28/01/2020 @ 11:17

      Thank you, David! It was hard to talk about it, but it also helped a lot. tbh: I almost started crying several times during recording and sometimes had to mute my mic, so what you heard was probably real.
      I also hope that where I live they allow people to decide when they want to end their lives because of illness – when there is no chance for healing and you are not really living anymore but vegetating. Still an unpopular opinion over here.

      Keep it real! 🙂


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