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  1. Aris
    01/09/2017 @ 2:37

    I recognized Simone’s voice since the first time.. but I couldn’t believe it ’till I find this blog and read that you didn’t realize that it was her! But this album is really great, the voices are amazing. They should do Rhapsodies in black part 2… But with better songs. And you are totally right about wasting Amanda’s songwriter skills… I hope someday she make another album just like or better than “Windows” I still hear that album and don’t get bored at all. Greetings!


    • Kiki G.
      01/09/2017 @ 10:36

      Hi Aris!
      Thank you for your comment, we’re glad you found us!
      The four women’s voices are indeed amazing and they probably will do another album, as they told us in an interview:

      I also love Amanda’s solo records but I’m more eager to listen to the new TRILLIUM-album, which is coming out early 2018, as she also told us. The interview will air on our Metal & High Heels Podcast next week, so stay tuned for our comments on it 😉


  2. Hector
    01/09/2017 @ 23:59

    I think they should have turned on the volume of the other 3 vocalists in all the chorus parts of all the songs, I hope this will be arranged for the live performance.


    • Kiki G.
      04/09/2017 @ 16:35

      Hi, Hector!
      Thanks for your comment! I also think the mix of the voices could have been better. As I wrote above, I often struggled to recognize who sings when. That shouldn’t be a problem live, though 😉


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