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  1. Carsten Schmoll
    09/09/2019 @ 19:47

    I am so impressed of this Album.
    Specoally the Song *love* remind me positive to the musical “Dance Of Vampires*

    Imagine the Scene if Sarah is singing” outside is freedom”…

    She belongs so hard for death, but she belongs with all her heart and soul in love!
    We can feel it in this Amazing sounds.


    • Kiki G.
      10/09/2019 @ 12:20

      Hey Carsten!

      Thank you for your comment!
      That’s an interesting connection you’re pointing out – now I’ll have to go see the musical to compare 😀

      The whole album is a work of art and I still listen to it often. I hope you’re also enjoying it still and have the chance to see the band live because they’re great performers!



      • Carsten Schmoll
        10/09/2019 @ 13:29

        Who love Meat Loaf and his Album “Bat Out Of Hell” have to love “Dance Of Vampires”
        The producer of both is Jim Steinman.


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