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  1. Nikki
    25/12/2016 @ 6:46

    Wonderful review! Loved that you pointed out the specific areas that show that the girls do perform live and that they do their best. I highly agree with Doki Doki Morning as well. It’s the song that the foreign fans can really get into, especially at the, “IMA NANJI!!!” part. I love the live album for sure, Su-metal just sounds more amazing every show! I’m sad that the version I have only has 13 tracks. Akatsuki should have been on that list since I feel it’s Su’s best solo song. Still happy with the end result and looking forward to the Tokyo Dome live albums!


  2. holger k.
    25/12/2016 @ 14:36

    i love BABYMETAL. the best band. have been to 3 BABYMETAL shows untill now. it is a live sensation. it makes you forget about there are other bands in the world. BABYMETAL rules. any stage. any festival. i hope for new tour dates soon. the live cd Live at Wembley has been my own Xmas gift for myself 🙂


    • Pia S.
      26/12/2016 @ 15:39

      Good choice, Holger! I’m always looking for CDs as birthday presents & this one I might give to a lot of people!


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