Yve O.

Yvonne Otte is a concert photographer from Düsseldorf. She prefers Symphonic Metal, but listens to and photographs artists from many different genres. Known on social media by her handle “Photographyve”.


  1. Stacy Manning
    07/02/2019 @ 12:31

    That was a great review, and pictures, I love how you didnt give up the magic and said we need to see live. Yet also catch the excitement and joy in your wording.


    • Yve O.
      07/02/2019 @ 13:52

      Hello Stacy,
      thank you for your kind words! You always have to find the balance between writing the report with many details and not writing too many pieces of information so the goers don’t get surprised anymore. Especially AVATAR is a band you have to see because no words can really describe the show! I’m glad you liked the report and how i managed it!


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